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  •  Spiritual leadership is provided by Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei, the Abbot of Both the the Zen Center of New York City in Brooklyn and of Zen Mountain Monastery. Shugen Sensei is in direct lineage of Taizan Maieumi Roshi and John Daido Loori Roshi. Shugen Sensei is also head of Mountains and Rivers Order.

  • All are welcome to sit Zazen with ZAV at any of its regular locations. Details are above.

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  •  Sitting groups located around Vermont meet for Zazen practice at least once a week. Sitting with an affiliate group is an excellent introduction to Zen Buddhism and offers a supportive enviroment and resources for the development of one’s own Zen practice. Please refer to the Sitting Groups section of this web page for contact information.

     Thus by Taizan Maezumi Roshi