Five Weekly Sitting Groups


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Mondays at the First UU Society of Burlington
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Robert Tokushu Senghas, MRO*
(802) 985-9207; rsenghas{-at-}umma
Richard Kyuan Swanson, MRO
(802) 355-5508; rswansonvt{-at-}


Champlain Valley UU Society Sangha
2 Duane Court, Middlebury VT
Sunday evening 7:00-8:00 pm
Richard Kyuan Swanson rswansonvt{-at-}
Marsdan VanOrder marsdinvan{-at-}


174 River St., Rt 2
Wednesday evening 6:30 pm
Ellie Yuan Hayes, MRO
(802) 456-1983
Tom Rinmon Slayton, MRO
(802) 229-0164


Location: Right to Wellness
Tuesday,Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings at 07:10 am
1st and 3rd Wednesday 6:15 pm
Jennifer Sanford, MRO
(802) 353-5585; zenjensan{-at-}
Ric Ryoha Dunworth, MRO
(802) 558-4438; e-mail: RyohaD{-at-}


Thursday at The First UU Society of Springfield
6:00 pm
Bettina Krampetz
(802) 464-2006

Please Note: Beginners are welcome, and should call one of the above contact persons for time and location of weekly sittings.

* Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism